Dennis Carr (dennisthetiger) wrote in debian,
Dennis Carr

min12xxw on Lenny - print jobs sit on couch and drink all my beer

(note: crossposting to and .

Running current stable, just did update/upgrade. Running linux-image 2.6.26-2-686; debating the 2-6-32 bpo package. Running cups 1.3.8-1+lenny8 with foomatic

I recently obtained a Minolta 1250W laser printer, and hooked it up. Put the min12xxw package in place, no problem. Restarted cups, no problem. Except for one thing - jobs depart the spool to the printer if printed through Gnome, and I'm watching the printer happily chew on the print jobs. (The one symptom I have is that the printer's power light blinks on or off every second - but before this, it will blink at about the rate of a busy signal, as if processing the job. At the former point, if I print a test page, the printer will return error code 1027.)

All this in mind, anyone have suggestions?

The interesting thing is that I can go to the cups interface at http://localhost:631 and generate a perfectly good printer test page from that location. They don't printat all, though, if printing a test page through the printer interface available to me in Gnome.

To note, I have not rebooted the system since this installation, nor have I restarted the X server.

Any ideas?
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August 27 2010, 23:26:23 UTC 4 years ago

Are your jobs even getting to the cups queue? So if you pull up the interface in your browser do you these Gnome-created jobs in the "jobs" menu?


September 15 2010, 04:40:48 UTC 4 years ago

I more or less solved the problem. The test frob as above was not working right, but everything prints pretty much fine, including OpenOffice, which was my biggest concern. Only gripe I have is that, if I print jobs in rapid succession, the printer decides it wants to jam itself - but that's not something that this community can help with. =)