tobestool (tobestool) wrote in debian,

Quick question


I've something of an idiot question - now that xorg.conf is depreciated, what is the "Debian way" of configuring the screen relationships / resolution? I'm far to used to the nVidia driver taking care of it, and I've upgraded to a motherboard with Intel graphics on board. After a bit of tweaking, I've got the two monitors I'm using configured, but I have to run xrandr --output HDMI1 --auto --right-of VGA1 every time I log in, which while not the end of the world is becoming irritating...

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DE is responsible for that.
Or you may configure it in

is a sequence of commands invoking X clients (or a session manager such as xsm(1)). See the manual page for xinit for tips on writing an .xsession file.

from Xsession(5)
Thanks for your reply. Forgive my ignorance, but what is DE?

I'd considered using ~/.xsession, but I would prefer this to be system wide to avoid having to repeat this for each user, though I realise that /etc/skel/ would solve that for future users. Also it means my login screen would be duplicated on both monitors, which while far from the end of the world irritates me as another untidyness.
Desktop Environment - Gnome, KDE, whatever.

Okay, use /etc/X11/Xsession.d :)
Ah! *headdesk* I was trying to think of a configuration tool called Debian-E*...

Unfortunately XFCE either doesn't support multiple monitors or doesn't understand my hardware, as Settings -> XFCE4 Settings Manager -> Display only offers me Screen1...

Thanks, that's got me running a sensible layout for all users, but the login screen being duplicated is still present. Have I missed something, or have I got to live with that?
Don't know, really.
You need to figure out how to run this script after login.

as per manual, /etc/X11/Xsession is a Bourne shell (sh(1)) script which is run when an X Window System session is begun by startx(1) or a display manager such as xdm(1).

so your duplicate login problem should be resolved running that script in xdm/gdm/kdm init