vokaria (vokaria) wrote in debian,

Is Sid Debian?

I know Debian community is supposed to be moderated. I would assume for some sort of spam and indecent code monkeys. I have made four posts to Debian community. Every one of them posted immediately.
I am very curious what would make it necessary to moderate the post about an ISP preventing downloading upgrades for one particular Linux distribution. I have seen people posting trace logs before, and domain registration details. Of course i am wondering whether apto sid is so evil, that it has to be stopped by all means, and i am the only ignorant one here. You know, old people tend to worry about such things.
SO, please tell me whether i am using some evil Linux distribution and should stop immediately, before it is too late for me.
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Well, here it is, this one posted with one click of the mouse!
One click of the cat you mean.
Indeed, indeed!
I can still see your post in the community about the ISP blocking the repository. Am I missing something? What's been moderated?
This post:


I attempted to post it in Debian yesterday. It is still being moderated.
My sentiments, exactly (almost).
The Debian community here on LJ is not moderated to community members (and is configured with open membership, so anyone can join it). The closest thing it has to moderation is the automated "Spam Protection" feature is enabled (From the description, "Comments and messages from users identified as potential spammers will be marked as spam and moved to a special section.").

I just verified the above, and additionally, the configuration for the Debian community on LJ has not been changed or altered in any way in about a year now.

I'm guessing, with the traceroutes and whois data, etc., that your post triggered the automated spam detection. My suggestion would be to include fewer traceroutes and less whois data (most of which is only tangentally related, and not really needed to describe the problem), or be aware that the automated spam detection system might think you look like a spammer.

Either way, it's all an automated system, and not a conspiracy against you. You were not singled out, nor was the topic of your post what caused the issue. No need to cry victim here.