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Getting debhelper maintainer script fragments into the main script

I am packaging a .NET/Mono library using CDBS. It will be installed into the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). You don't really need to know what that is for my question except for the following: in this instance the installation is done by maintainer scripts (postinst/prerm). The Debian CLI policy package (cli-common/cli-common-dev) has debhelper dh_foo commands to do this automatically, and they are creating libfoo1.0-cil.postinst.debhelper files in my debian/ directory, but these are not being created as postinst/prerm maintainer scripts in the final package. I am overriding the 'common-binary-predeb-{arch, indep}' targets to run the CLI (.NET) specific debhelper commands.

Does anyone know why the *.debhelper maintainer script fragments aren't being used, and what I can do to fix that? Perhaps there are debhelper commands that  need manually issued?
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Are you creating libfoo1.0-cil.postinst which contains the token #DEBHELPER# somewhere? This token will be replaced by the snippets automatically generated by debhelper, if the postinst script for your package does not exist or does not contain this token, then substitution will not happen.
Are you creating libfoo1.0-cil.postinst which contains the token #DEBHELPER# somewhere?

No I am not. Thanks for the tip.