Dennis Carr (dennisthetiger) wrote in debian,
Dennis Carr

Dual booting XP from a separate disk - possibly killed XP?

Situation is this: I have /dev/hda1 which contains /boot for my Linux volume, and /dev/hdc1 contains a Windows XP boot partition. After a handful of edits, Grub doesn't seem to want to load it, however, telling me that the partition type on (hd2,0) is unrecognized as 0x07.

Behind the cut is my menu.lst.

default 0

timeout 5

title Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.26-2-686
root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-686 root=/dev/hda2 ro quiet
initrd /initrd.img-2.6.26-2-686

title Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.26-2-686 (single-user mode)
root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-686 root=/dev/hda2 ro quiet single
initrd /initrd.img-2.6.26-2-686


## Windows volume

title Windows XP
root (hd2,0)
chainloader +1

Moreover, at this point, if I go through the BIOS boot menu and tell it to explicitly boot from /dev/hdc1 to load XP, owing to something I did that seems to have killed the Windows bootloader, it now simply responds by saying "GRUB " - which tells me that something is hosed.

So the questions:

1) How do I revert this back to where I was, so that I actually can boot XP when necessary?

2) What am I missing in the process of doing this?
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0x07 is the MBR hex code for NTFS. That's not wrong.

Load the Windows recovery console by booting from an XP CD and pressing R at the main welcome screen. You can use the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT commands to reinstall those things. It will probably overwrite GRUB. Reinstall that from a Linux Live CD.
IIRC, Windows XP very much does not like to be on anything but /dev/hda1.

I think there's a way around this using some sort of substitute command to trick XP into thinking it is on /dev/hda1. Otherwise simbab is correct that you'll have to fix the MBR, but that, again IIRC, will mess with GRUB.

Yes here is the link that shows how you must "swap" devices so XP won't complain:

Hope that helps.
Actually I don't think it cares too much as long as the BIOS tells it the pretty little lies it needs to hear. Which is probably what your link has you doing, since when GRUB is running the CPU is still in real mode and thus it is possible to modify the BIOS shadow RAM at will.