Dennis Carr (dennisthetiger) wrote in debian,
Dennis Carr

Two printers - fix?

So, I have two printers - a Minolta PagePro 1250W and a Canon S9000. The Minolta is capable of doing printing off of /dev/lp0, so that got plugged in using an old parallel cable I had laying around. As for the Canon, I used the USB cable off of that.

However, for the Canon printer, while it prints, it will print on 1/4 of the page. Note, there are no known drivers for the S9000 in openprinting - so I'm trying to find the closest match I have. Printing the test page on localhost:631 through the interface provided does not provide any results that are different. I extracted the driver file from Canon using wine, but could find no drivers in the bundle (I believe it was a PPD file I was looking for).

For the Minolta, it won't print. Jobs will queue, but they don't make it to the printer - so they're just spooling and waiting to go. Changing the location to /dev/parport0 seems to have done nothing.

In short, what am I doing wrong here, and are there suggestions on how to fix this?

EDIT, 22Apr2011@12:18PDT: Minolta solved. It was the cable. Occam's razor is not just for shaving your breakfast anymore! =D
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