mrflash818 (mrflash818) wrote in debian,

Debian Squeeze - net install from CD ISO - non-offical SUCCESS

I really want to install and run the latest Debian Stable, Squeeze.

My 1st try a while ago was using the official netinst CD image. Result was a FAIL due to my having an Intel EE Pro 100 Ethernet card, which apparently uses proprietary firmware no longer supported in the official netinst, due to proprietary == nonfree.

But but but... I really want to install and run the latest Debian Squeeze! (tearful sniff sniff)

Went back and re-visited the Debian Squeeze install URL:

NOW I notice that they have added some instructions on how to try to install using an 'unofficial' netinst that contains the non-free stuff! ( )


Downloading it now...

SO, on one had I feel a bit bad that I have to use such a workaround (curses to having a Ethernet card that requires non-free stuff!), but on the other hand, I really want to stay current with my Debian!

EDIT 2011-04-29 13pm

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thank you, thank you, thank you! that was getting really annoying; quite a few of our servers at work have ethernet cards that require non-free drivers, and having to save the drivers to a USB stick whenever that happened was getting a bit annoying.

...for once, reading LJ has made my job easier. :)
Surely you just save a USB stick with all the non-free firmware on it once (firmware is not the same as drivers) and use it whenever it's needed...
you're right...i misspoke; this is what happens when i don't sleep.

i do have a stick with the firmware, but it's not a whole lot of help if i've got the USB stick in Chicago and i'm trying to do a install in another city, over the netboot server. having this is a lot easer than dealing with the time, expense, and inevitable crossed wires with off-site hands.