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Sharing a system with Intel Z68 chipset / Smart Response Technology


I've just bought a new SSD to speed up my system, partly due to the fact that my recent motherboard (an Asus P8Z68-V) has built in support for using a solid state drive as a cache of a mechanical drive. I also have two 1TB Hitachi drives in my system. I have now got Windows 7 installed and have enabled the caching using 64GB of the new SSD.

I would now like to use the remaining space on the SSD for a Debian system partition, probably with partitions on the mechanical drives used for areas such as /srv and /home. However I'm getting nowhere getting this installed. I've previously been working on this motherboard with Squeeze with a backported 2.6.39 kernel, however this fails to install grub, complaining that it can't access /dev/md127. I've tried installing with a Testing disc, which has installed, however this is unable to see the space on the SSD (there is no device in /dev/sda1, despite it being shown as a partition with fdisk /dev/sda).

Does anyone have any experience with this feature of Intel's latest chipset? I'm keen to give my Linux install a performance boost with the new drive as well as the Windows system...
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Plain and simple! I like your work!

I don't know if anyone's interested in this thread, but on the offchance that someone comes accross it in the future, I got this set-up working. I'm not particularly proud of the end result, but it does run quickly!

There's a write-up on my blog here: