mrflash818 (mrflash818) wrote in debian,

Debian stable net install to a gateway mx6214

Was having trouble installing Debian stable into my wife's Gateway MX6214 laptop. It has a Fujitsu 80Gb harddrive.

Symptoms: would get part way through the 'installing packages' step, then system would go blank screen and seem to be locked up.
Tried many times.

Solution that worked for me:
Changed the default partitioning (suggested by the installer) from 3.3Gb swap and rest to '/', to make the '/' partition about 1/2Gb smaller than the default the installer was going to use, leaving a little free space on the harddrive.

Wrote the changed partition sizes to disk, then did the rest of the install in the normal (default) way.

Writing this post from the newly Debian laptop itself :)
EDIT 2012-03-21

To get wireless to work:
1. update /etc/apt/sources.list to include 'contrib':
deb squeeze main contrib

2. sudo aptitude install wireless-tools
3. sudo aptitude install firmware-b43-installer

Then I was able to add my WEP key to the network icon/applet in the upper right corner, and be connected to my home wireless network.                                                                            
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that's great ideas for the new laptops