vokaria (vokaria) wrote in debian,

Block Verizon Reset packets?

Well, it's official. Verizon DSL is blocking a normal use of all the Aptosid mirrors. In two seconds after connection (apt-get update, upgrade, or install) a flood of TCP RST breaks the connection. The only way i am getting (a very slow) upgrades is by running a continuous ping of some other site at the same time. This seems to reset the connection again and again.
It should be mentioned that i see no such blockage on Ubuntu, Debian or Arch mirrors.
I know that iptables –tcp-flags RST RST -j DROP Is one possible solution.
How can it be applied to apt-get use? Any ideas? I do use sudo for all apt-get commands.
I do hate them throttling videos that disagree with some "official" policies, but can live with that. However blocking a normal use of linux distribution feels like they are looking up my ars from the toilet bowl...
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