vokaria (vokaria) wrote in debian,

Block Verizon Reset packets?

Well, it's official. Verizon DSL is blocking a normal use of all the Aptosid mirrors. In two seconds after connection (apt-get update, upgrade, or install) a flood of TCP RST breaks the connection. The only way i am getting (a very slow) upgrades is by running a continuous ping of some other site at the same time. This seems to reset the connection again and again.
It should be mentioned that i see no such blockage on Ubuntu, Debian or Arch mirrors.
I know that iptables –tcp-flags RST RST -j DROP Is one possible solution.
How can it be applied to apt-get use? Any ideas? I do use sudo for all apt-get commands.
I do hate them throttling videos that disagree with some "official" policies, but can live with that. However blocking a normal use of linux distribution feels like they are looking up my ars from the toilet bowl...
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Switch ISPs, I guess?
Where we live, there is just one other option - the cable company. And there is a very good chance they are using the filters provided by the same Verizon. The hassles involved would be great, just to wind up with the same problem.
As i understand, this technique is exactly the same the Chinese so called "great internet wall" is using, and people have learned to get through.
Have you considered satellite? The latency sucks, but the bandwidth is decent. I was very pleased with WildBlue several years ago -- I had their service out in the sticks for about a year.

As far as Verizon goes, have you considered calling / writing and expressing your feelings on the matter? It might take a bit of effort to get ahold of someone who knows what you're talking about, but it might be worthwhile.
I have read every possible story-complaint related to this matter. Even the "fairy-tale endings" stories conclude with some sympathetic to the issue Verizon technician managing to remove the filtering, to only have it come back in a couple of weeks. A few stories of people switching ISPs to only find themselves in the same waters. I am not naive, as far as the policies and general relations between us and THEM are concerned. I do realize that for some obscure reason the aptosid name, people involved or some other stupid thing got bunched up into the brave fight with p2p and copyright issue (i have tried every available mirror, and every single one of them is being disrupted exactly in the same manner, by the same technique). In such a big fight the generals will be insulted with anyone worrying about a little fish being ran over. This will change only from the very top, and it might be a very long wait. It is relevant to mention that i have no age, energy or time for such a fight. Therefore i am looking for advice on just getting around such an obvious TCP RST problem.
My friends, a musician couple, had satellite service, and it shaped any sort of traffic in the most unexpected ways (may be it's the state i'm in...), they had to return to dial up, and claim they are getting much better speeds with it! For 20 bucks instead of 130. Kills my desire to experiment with that.
Best of luck with the biofuels. A few miles from here local authorities drove out of town (literally) the man who heated his house with filtered oil. They just designated his filtering as an industrial activity in the residential area. The same area is painfully struggling to attract investors to build some wind power generators. The life gets sillier all the time.
I be darned, i never had a delay in seeing my posts in Debian community come right up. The following post, that i attempted Thursday morning, April 19 2012, was put into moderation:

Even funnier - when i attempted to include the parts of that post as a comment here - it would not take. Just plainly refused to post. Artificial Intelligence - wanna go out for a drink?..