mrflash818 (mrflash818) wrote in debian,

Debian Stable (v7 aka Wheezy) installatin to a Gateway MX6214 laptop

Debian 7 stable - installing to Gateway MX6214 laptop

I wasted a lot of time trying to use a USB drive of the debian7 netinst ISO image. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. No matter what I tried, the BIOS on the gateway would not recognize the USB drive correctly to boot. Would just say something to the effect of 'no operating system found.'

Instead, used my wife's M$ PC to burn a CDROM of the netinst.

Did some googling, to discover some Linux websites 
referenced using ImgBurn M$ freeware to burn an ISO image.

Downloaded the debian 7 netinst ISO to a USB jump drive.
Copied to desktop on wife's M$ system.

Installed ImgBurn to wife's M$ system.
Told ImgBurn to write IMG file to disc.

Put netinst CDROM into the laptop, and rebooted.
(...a few hrs later...)
Success! I just have to learn my way around
this latest Debian Stable. Whee!

EDIT 2013-05-20

Happy to find that I was able to watch youtube videos without having to manually download any adobe flash driver. It just worked : )

Will need to figure out how to enable the laptop's wifi by finding and installing the correct 'firmware.' Will just need to do some googling and looking through the debian stable package lists, then report the solution back here.

sudo view /etc/apt/sources.list
add 'contrib', so that the file now shows:

deb wheezy main contrib
deb-src wheezy main contrib

sudo aptitude install firmware-b43-installer
(had to both turn on the wireless hardware [<Fn> + <F2>]
and reboot for the wifi to then be working)
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